Lazy Sunday mornings…

Collaboration with Minerva Crafts*

I’ve been lounging around in this two piece wonder ever since I made it. It’s been in the wash late Sunday evening and put on every Friday afternoon. The kimono has some amazing featured details I wouldn’t have thought of, but it makes it a truly unique and wonderful patten. That’s what I’ve noticed with Helen’s patterns, they might seem like simple makes, but they’re hidden details that make up the garment beautifully. I’ve also hacked the Ogden cami into a slip dress to go with the kimono.


Other people that have made the same combination of Suki kimono paired with a Ogden cami dress is Bianca from Sleepless in Bavaria and Lynsey Jane.

  • Name: Si and Am (Siamese cats from Lady and the Tramp)
  • Pattern: Suki kimono from Helen’s Closet and Ogden cami from True Bias
  • Size: Kimono size M, and cami size 10.
  • Fabric: Delicate floral print cotton lawn from Minerva Crafts

Sophie Bach Meuche

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