Sophie’s World #4 – Organising my stash

I’ve been trying different apps to organize my pattern stash and fabric stash together. I came across this article from Colette pattern about apps to organize your sewing. I tried using the Memento app, but didn’t like the fact that you can’t use it on the computer as well as your phone. Then I came over Camille from Deer and Doe suggestion of using Trello for her fabric stash. I have to be honest, I didn’t find the app or website that thrilling to work with, so I let it go for now. Then I tried using Evernote for a while… None of these was a great fit for me to put in the work to input all of my patterns and fabrics.

That is until I heard the Love to Sew podcast episode 17. That is when I saw the potential in Trello since Helen’s talked so warmly and positively about it. Before I went away for Christmas break I wrote down all of my printed patterns, and when I had some downtime I put it into Trello. When I was done with my printed patterns I started with my PDFs which is a much larger range than my printed patterns. I usually have my PDFs sorted in Google Drive, so I have access to it everywhere I am.

I do have a lot of patterns, I counted them, my verdict is 194 patterns and 108 of them is not made. But to be fair, many of them are free patterns I’ve collected before I was confident enough to buy patterns, and many are also from Seamwork magazine from when you get two patterns each month either way. Now you get credits which I think is better. So now I have all my patterns in one place, and I can just click one whatever pattern I want to make and see what I need for the project. Because I have already put in notions and fabric requirements I need for the pattern. I can also filter the cards to show me what I’ve made and not. I have in total 11 categories in my pattern stash, and they are dresses, shirts/shirtdresses, tops, skirts, bottoms, cardigan/blazer, menswear, outwear, lingerie, maternity/baby and other.

Then we’re over to fabrics. I counted 107 fabrics in total divided into different category by fabric types. While I went through my fabric stash I also got to clean a lot of it out. It was great to gather a pile for donation and scrap pieces that can not, and will not be used for anything in the future. I’m very glad for every fabric that I could still find online. This made the picture and information about the fabric so much easier. With my older ones, I have written down what I can remember.

Now that I have my patterns AND my fabric all on display I can visually see all my projects. This is amazing! I then realized that I have planned too many projects, in all 28 projects. These are projects that have been there for a while or that has recently been developed. I’m so glad that I have this now because now I’ve made stages for the projects so that I can see the progress. As you can see the different stages are: Want to make > Gathering supplies > Tracing the pattern > Cutting the fabric > Ready to go > Blog about it > Done 2018. It’s a natural process. Now when I’m finished with one project I can see what else I wanted to make and how far I’ve come, and pick up where I left off. In the end, I will have a list of my finished makes for 2018 (going to make this every year from now on!). I’ve only made one make for this year yet, and it’s going live in February.

This is a great way for me to use patterns and fabric I haven’t made before. I can just filter the patterns I haven’t made and the fabric that are free and see if anything matches up for me to put on my project list. It will also help with my budget as this is things I already have in my stash. Usually, I go to see what inspiration I get from other makers and immediately buy whatever I need of fabric and pattern for that one project and then the spark is gone… Sadly, but true. This experience has got me really thinking about my actions towards making. I have so many things I want to make and most of it is already in my stash. Getting a visual on it really helped me organize it all.

Thank you, Helen and Caroline from Love to Sew podcast, for getting me more organized.  I thought I was organized, but that was just physically, I also needed to get organized about my sewing mentally. Thank you, thank, you, thank you.

Sophie Bach

Sophie Bach Meuche

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6 thoughts on “Sophie’s World #4 – Organising my stash

  • Kristina

    OMG, Sophie, that is amazing! I’ve kept my sewing plans in Trello in the past, but that fizzled out a bit over time, but I will definitely try to get both my stash and patterns in here. What an amazing effort!!!! Thanks for sharing.

    • Sophie Bach Post author

      Hei Sara!
      Ja, dette er helt vanvittig smart hvis man orker å legge tid i det først! Hvis du ser på mitt andre bilde av et av mønstrene så er det en knapp på hver av vedleggene der det står “Make Cover” ?

      • Sara

        Takk! Nå fikk jeg det til 🙂 Skal se om jeg har overskudd til å gjøre det, men det kan jo ta lang tid også. Begynner med mønster. Kjennes ikke like overveldene.

        • Sophie Bach Post author

          Fult forståelig! Det er et prosjekt i seg selv! Men det går mye fortere å ta det på PCen ? Ta deg en kopp te og sett deg i sofaen med en god serie i bakgrunnen ?