The perfect little black dress.

Of course I’m talking about the gorgeous Georgia dress from By Hand London. This pattern I’ve had for a really long time. I made one dress out of it already but since I made is as a muslin I didn’t lengthen the bodice, but grained the size to be a bit bigger around the hips. It fits, but the grained size started at my waist so that was not flattering AT ALL. So I’m glad I made a new little black dress again, and this time I’ve lengthen the bodice.

Georgia Dress

Pattern: Georgia Dress from By Hand London.

I’ve cut out the fabric and have had in in the drawers since September I think. The intention was always there, but the time wasn’t. So when I sew the Sabrina dress done I thought the time for Georgia was up and pulled it out from way in the back. Georgia is a very easy pattern to work with. It’s a simple cocktail dress that you could sew up in a day or so, ready to party in the evening.

Georgia Dress

It’s sexy, but not too sexy (what is “too sexy”, really?) and sophisticated at the same time. For this dress I went with the skinny straps version and the midi length skirt.

Georgia Dress

Yes, I know I am suppose to read for the math exam next week, and look I’m doing it! At least I have the books on the table…

And on another note! You remember the dress I made for the pattern hackathon competition for By Hand London? My Floralex Dress with backless straps? Well I’ve made another one just like it so that you all can replicate if you want to! I’ve made an tutorial as a guest post for By Hand London, click here to go over to the tutorial.

Floralex Dress

Sophie Bach Meuche

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