Say Aloha to Maui!

Ever since I started sewing, I’ve been trying to make something pretty and new for Norwegian Constitution Day May 17th every year. This year is no different.

I was pretty sure I wanted to make the Lamour Dress from Charm Patterns. Charm Patterns is the indie company Gretchen Hirsch started for her own, which I was thrilled about! I’ve loved her work when she collaborated with Butterick (I think she still does?), and her sewing books are phenomenal. Russel and Kevin were made from Butterick by Gertie pattern B6453, and I made my second wedding dress from her book Gertie’s Ultimate Dress Book.

Gertie has advanced sewing patterns with great details, and I love using time on the small stuff that makes the inside and outside beautiful.

I was so lazy the days leading up to the celebration so it was a bit of panic sewing the last days after work, but I made it, packed it in my suitcase and wore it on the day. I love the 3/4 circle skirt, and the fact that it has pockets (without me adding them on my own!), that makes all the difference. I dont’ know why I have been avoiding coil zippers, or labeled zippers in general, but I love them now. It’s so pretty all of a sudden, with the cover up and it is somehow easier to zip up. Or is it just me?

I like the fact that this one bodice has three different variations when it’s all made up. The way you tie the straps gives you the different views. On the picture above here, from left to right: Straps crossing in front of the chest, strapless version by tying the straps at the back, and lastly a regular halter strap. I would have never thought of this if Gertie hadn’t shown it herself… I really love that you don’t need to sew up three different dresses to get the three views. On May 17th I started the day with having the dress strapless, and as the day went on and I was tired of having straps I tied it up to a halter! Amazing!

It’s not often that I show the inside of my makes, but when the insides are as pretty as the outside it is an unwritten law, right? I don’t ever line the skirt portion of the dress before now, but I see why people do it. The lining made the skirt sturdier and heavier so it didn’t get far up if it was every so windy. The bodice is also fully lined and made up with boning channels which are filled with steel boning.

The one thing I really, extremely liked about my wedding dress was the waist stay. It made all the difference of wearing a strapless dress. I could raise my hands, jump up and down, dance my ass off and my boobs will not show! That is the amazing thing the waist stay, and I knew I was going to wear the dress strapless at some point, so the wist stay was going in the dress, no questions asked.

I shamelessly copied Gertie’s version of the dress, and love it! I hope that there are more and more events for me to use this dress because I think it is a bit too dressy for daily use. Or is it…?

  • Name: Maui (from Moana)
  • Pattern: Lamour dress from Charm Patterns
  • Size:  US 8/10
  • Fabric: Main fabric is cotton fabric from Stoff & Stil, the lining is linen-look cotton my parents got me from India.

Sophie Bach Meuche

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