Me-Made-May 2018.

This is the third year I’ve participated in #mmmay and I’m so happy I did. I got to learn a lot about my wardrobe that I wanted to share with you. But first, let me show you what I’ve been wearing in the duration of may 2018.

Week 1: The floral week. 1. Rosetta, 2. Baymax, 3. Figaro & Trusty, 4. Elastigirl, 5. Si & Am, and 6. Djali.

Week 2: Sew Over it / Deer & Doe. 1. Merida, 2. Flit, 3. Flash, 4. Officer Hopps, 5. Lumiere, and 6. Bo-Peep.

Week 3: Companies I’ve only made one pattern from, but plan on making more. 1. Rex, 2. Donald Duck, 3. Kevin (and Tiana), 4. Maui, 5. Panic & Hermes, 6. Princess Fiona, and 7. Baloo

Week 4: By Hand London week with a fail at the end. 1. Vivida, 2. Silvermist, 3. Joy, 4. Arlo, 5. Cornelius Robinson, 6. Sebastian, and 7. P. J.

Week 5: Separates. 1. Buzz Lightyear & Pongo, 2. Bolt & Jasmine, 3. Queen of Heart & Max, and 4. Ray & Hades.

I started May by trying to make a theme each week, and think I’ve somewhat managed it. I wanted initially to make it about the fabric. Trying to match prints theme or colour got a bit boring after the first week, so I stopped. So, I switched to make the theme by the pattern designer instead.

The previous years of MMMay I’ve been focusing on making myself a fully handmade wardrobe. Today my wardrobe is about 85 % handmade, and I wear it daily. and by actually documenting it I can see what I need the most. This month has shown me how much I love my dresses. I love wearing them, and I love making them. But for some reason, I feel it’s a time for a change. I don’t think I’ll ever stop making/wearing dresses, but I’ll try my best to make more separates (Good luck, Sophie ). I’ll even try on making more pants! Yes. Scary shit is going down.

Did you learn something a out yourself during May? Are you going to try something new sewing wise from the experience?

Sophie Bach Meuche

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