#SewTogetherForSummer – Wrap dress


Since it’s the end of August, I thought it was about time to show you my dress I made at the beginning of summer for the #SewTogetherForSummer challenge. I wasn’t able to participate last year when the challenge was shirt dresses, but was determined to take part this time.

This years challenge is wrap dress. I do understand why. It’s in all the stores and social media has eaten it up, it is so trending that even I have noticed it! I have some wrap dresse patterns in my stash, some that I’ve already made and some haven’t. For instance, I’ve made Eep, Flit, chief Bogo and Silvermist. But in my stash I also have the ultimate wrap dress, Flora dress (wrap version) and wren dress.

I have been seeing the Kielo wrap dress from Named on instagram and have actually saved a few photos as well, dwelling over if this pattern would suit me. Since the challenge had a sale on the pattern, I thought, why not! 

I originally wanted to make the sleeve version, but since it was summer I went for the originally sleeveless option. I shorten the dress length, since I don’t usually wear maxi length and it will end up being unused in the closet. I really enjoy making this incredibly fast make! It was just three pieces in total and was made up in a jiffy! I can’t wait to make the sleeved version.

There is some other potions I would like to try out as well. Like, making it in a woven fabric and adding pockets! 

  • Name: Jewel (from Rio)
  • Pattern: Kielo wrap dress from Named Clothing
  • Size: Eur 40
  • Fabric: Birds in Flight stretch microfibre from Minerva Crafts

Sophie Bach Meuche

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