Sleeved Kielo wrap dress

I love this dress. I’ve been wearing it none stop lately, it’s a jersey dress that is both classy and casual at the same time. The perfect amount of both.

I made this in October last year to wear at my niece christening. It has become a stable in my wardrobe and I need to make more if these with sleeves. My first Kielo wrap dress was the sleeveless option I made for the Sew Together for Summer challenge. You can find my dress Jewel here.


I loved the snow, but it was starting to melt last week causing me to slip on ice and break my ankle. Since then I’ve been hoping on crutches with real pain. And today it is snowing again so it’s the new snow is laying on top of the melted ice. Hope people are being careful going outside.

Even though I looks like I’m not that cold taking pictures out in the beautiful snow, you’re wrong. It’s a cold, but it takes only 5 minutes to take some pictures so it’s fine.

  • Name: Perdita (From 101 Dalmations)
  • Pattern: Kielo wrap dress from Named Clothing
  • Size: Euro 40
  • Fabric: Black and white geometric jersey from Minerva Craft

Sophie Bach Meuche

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One thought on “Sleeved Kielo wrap dress

  • PoundCake

    Oh no! I hope your ankle heals quickly! Or maybe you can make another lovely Kielo to coordinate with your cast? ; )