Dark purple for winter?

I don’t know how it happened, but somehow I manage to have a lot of dark purple fabrics for this winter.. Is it really a winter color? I think its quite pretty, but to think of it I have never own anything purple and the last two dresses I’ve made is purple? Weird.

Sabrina Dress
Pattern: By Hand London, Sabrina Dress version 2.

I actually started on this dress at the beginning of October (whoops!) and it has been sitting in the dresser ever since, poor thing. The reason why it has been there for so long is because I know what I have left of the dress. Them dreaded buttons and button holes. Don’t get me wrong I like buttons, but they’re so time consuming and on this dress it’s a lot of them!

Sabrina Dress

The thought of starting to measure and stitch every single (26!) buttons on and then match up with button holes, which I haven’t got the hang off yet was to big of a task for me at the time. But after me and my friend gave another friend a birthday gift that us three was going to sew a dress for her together it hit me. Seeing my friends wardrobe, all the dresses she made for herself, looking smashing in every one of them I went home and looked in my own closet. I’ve been sewing since February but have actually not that much to show for, I have in total six dresses for me. WHAT?! I’ve been caught up of giving dresses as gift that I forgot about myself. And all that is going to change because from now on, I’m going to be a lot more selfish!

So that’s why I pulled myself together and made it through the buttons. And as you can see the result wasn’t that bad! I like the button down dress and would like to have more of them instead of the zipper ones. Even though I haven’t got total control of them yet, but hey, practice makes perfect, right? It reminds me of my favorite summer dress which doesn’t fit anymore, but when I have the time (probably after the exams) I’ll hack this pattern so that I can make the same dress that fits.

So this is the Sabrina Dress version 2 from By Hand London. It is a beautiful simple pattern, if you have mastered the buttons. Just cutting the fabric and sewing all the pieces together, straight forward. As usual I have to lengthen the bodice a bit and cut the hem because my legs are so short. I’m like a dachshund. But the dress, yes. The dress as you can see can be dressed up for parties, or dress down for school, either way it works.

Sabrina Dress

I like the dress a lot, even though it shows my belly extra much, but it’s fine, I ate a drumstick with some fries for dinner so it’s okey for the belly to show she’s happy. The fabric as I told is dark purple, and it’s floral, pretty yes?

Sophie Bach Meuche

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