Another try at the Ginger jeans

* Collaboration with Minerva


If you’ve followed me for a while I’ve made Ginger jeans before and the previous ones have been fine, but there is still fitting issues that made me not wear them regularly. I don’t necissarily know what the fitting issue might be so I’ve been putting it off for years now.

This is my recent try on the jeans I’m and happier with this one, but there is still something to be done with the fit. So I’m hoping I’ll wear these jeans more often to recond the fitting that needs to be made. You can read more of my recent make over at Minerva Crafs as it’s my months make!


  • Name: Shang from Mulan
  • Pattern: Ginger jeans from Closet Case Patterns
  • Size: Size 12 with a full butt, full calf and sway back adjustment
  • Fabric: Lady McElroy black denim from Minerva Crafts

Sophie Bach Meuche

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