The Dressmakers Ball 2019

This year was my first time making it to the Dressmakers Ball. Even though it was with a cast. The anticipation of meeting all the people you’ve been following on social media, but not actually talked to, and the fact that I didn’t actually know anyone made the experience both exciting and frightening both at the same time.

For the occasion, I made the Ailakki jumpsuit with some hacks to it. The jumpsuit itself is like the pattern with the cross-over bodice front, but then I shortened the trousers making it into shorts, and then I made a detachable gathered skirt with an open front. The skirt is attached to the jumpsuit by two buttons.

I am very pleased with the fit of the jumpsuit, considering I didn’t make a toile and just went with my gut on fitting. I did a full butt adjustment adding 5 cm to the back, I also shortened the straps by 2,5 cm at the front and back, but that was about it. The back bodice was to low down to wear a bra, but a braless evening wasn’t a problem at all.

I was only in Leicester for the event, and then I went back to London for a couple of days before returning home. In London, I got to finally visit Liberty of London and found out that I couldn’t justify purchasing any fabric there that I didn’t have a purpose for yet considering the price, ouch! I also took a cab out to Islington and visited the Sew Over It shop! Lisa wasn’t there, but I did get one of her fabrics and some other one too.

All things considered, the Dressmakers Ball was an amazing experience and I will absolutely go again next year if they host the event again, and I really hope they do! Because I was too much of a chicken to talk to everyone I wanted too.

  • Name: John Smith from Pocahontas
  • Pattern: Ailakki jumpsuit from Named Clothing
  • Size: Eur 40 (should have made the bodice in size 38)
  • Fabric: Navy floral crepe from Stoff & Stil, lined with navy viscose.

Sophie Bach Meuche

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