Gustav Klimt – The Kiss*

* Collaboration with Minerva Crafts

Gustav Klimt - The Kiss

This is my best friend in the whole wide world. My best friend, Trine, loves the painter Gustav Klimt, especially the ones with all the gold. She even went to Vienna just so that she could be in the presence of his paintings in the museums. That’s how much she loves his work.

When I saw that Minerva Craft had some cross stitch kits out of his paintings I knew I had her next present in the box. She loved the cross stitch and couldn’t stop screaming when she got it. I love that she loved it so much (she better, that thing took a bloody long time!).

The cross stitch was a part of my Minerva Crafts Blogger Network post for June, and you can read all about this over there now.


  • Name: Motive is “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt
  • Pattern: Riolis counted cross stitch kit
  • Size: 27.5 cm x 32.5 cm
  • Fabric: Aida 14 ct.

Sophie Bach Meuche

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