17. mai-outfit 2019

Wow, I’m surprised that it’s been five months since Norwegian Constitution Day. The sun isn’t shining nowadays, but time for some reminiscing.

This was my outfit this year. Since I don’t have a traditional Norwegian bunad, I make myself a fancy outfit each year. And this year, a jumpsuit is made instead of a dress.

I made a straight US size 10, but for my next make, I think a size 8 bodice would be more fitting. There was a built-in bra, but the bra itself was too big for my breast without some padding underneath. I could take it in, but the time didn’t stretch until I wore it on the day.

The pattern itself wasn’t so complicated as I feared. The boning of the bodices was a bit tricky, but it has always been tricky for me. Since my jumpsuit is made in a fabric with prints on I thought it ought to be best to break it with a belt. I’m very pleased with the pairing of the fabric and the pattern though. The stretch of the fabric was perfect.

My husband and I drove down south to our hometown and stayed at my in-laws. The day of celebration I went to my sisters to celebrate with my family and her in-laws. It was a beautiful day, the weather was perfect and my niece is as cute as ever.

  • Name: Kristoff from Frozen
  • Pattern: Jane jumpsuit from Charm Patterns by Gretchen Hirsch
  • Size: US 10
  • Fabric: Stretch crepe from Minerva.

Sophie Bach Meuche

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