Ultimate wardrobe staple trousers

* Collaboration with Minerva


Have you started on your autumn wardrobe yet? Or maybe you already have a wardrobe staple you’re comfortable with? I’m still working on finding mine and I think my newest make really fills a hole I’ve been missing.

I don’t wear trousers much, but when I do I tend to go for black ones. The reason for that is my hair color. Since I’ve never colored my hair, it is as black as ever. So since my hair is black, I don’t usually sew tops or dresses in black. I feel it can be too much. So by making colorful tops and blouses, I need something to go with all of it. I’m not that good with print mixing.


I think these will b my new stable. It is such a fast make consisting of only four pattern pieces. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

  • Name: Goob (from The Robinsons)
  • Pattern: Ultimate trousers from Sew Over It
  • Size: UK 12
  • Fabric: Black stretch cotton from Minerva

Sophie Bach Meuche

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