Prepare for the challenge!

Hello lovely people!

On April 14th 1990 at 15.45, a little girl was born. Fast forward twenty-something years, she started to sew and loved it! That is where I presume you come in the picture.

As you might have guessed, that girl was me. I’m turning 30 and I want to celebrate it with all the sewing people that cross my way. For the occasion, I have gathered some of my favourite sewing brands to host a sewing challenge for us all with prizes!

The challenge

When pattern companies come with new patterns I’m really tempted to purchase the new and shiny thing if I like just a little bit. I have plans for the fabric, but I don’t always execute the make.

So for my sewing challenge, I want you to go to your collection and look through it. Is it any patterns and/or fabric that you have forgotten about? Something that you had plans for, but something else came in the way? Make it, and make it now!

It’s that simple. The challenge will run on Instagram (not affiliated) all through April and I’ll choose five different winners at random for different prizes. Prizes will be announced later.


  1. Post a picture of your finished garment of a neglected pattern/fabric on Instagram during April month. Also, tell us about its journey if you like. How long have you had it, what was the intention etc.
  2. When posting the picture, use tag #SopbacTurns30 in the picture text to participate and get the chance to win one of the prizes.
  3. To be considered eligible for a prize, your profile needs to be public so that I can view you make.
  4. Multiple entries are allowed.
  5. The make doesn’t have to be for you, as long as it is newly made.
  6. Post the picture before April 30th 23.59 CET.

I hope you are as excited as I am and spreading the word on IG so that it’ll reach as many sewists as possible!

Sophie Bach Meuche

What do you think?

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