The First of Many Annalotte Dress

Pattern: Anna Dress bodice and Charlotte Skirt from By Hand London (love those gals!)

Hi, first of all sorry. For my few followers I have been busy a lot. Especially with school. It’s been a real change to change campuses, you wouldn’t believe how much of a change! The hours are at least doubled and the that is just the lectures, the amount of work you have to put in is quadrupled.. But enough japing, I’ve been doing a lot of fun things as well! Some travels, watched movies at the theater and had mom and dad for a visit (it’s been four years since they been here).
But to the point of today’s posts. I wanted a drop down gorgeous dress for me and my boyfriends seven year anniversary. I booked a table at a restaurant we wanted to go to for a long time, but never had the money to offered such a place, because lets face it we’re students with not much to splurge, but October 21th was the day to spend that money on a seven course meal for our seven years. We ended up getting ten courses because there was so little people in the restaurant or something that they tried out some recipes. We took it as a good sign that we’ll at least be together for three (hopefully a 100) more years. We sat and ate for 3,5 hours!
I finally got around to making the lovechild Annalotte dress! After I saw the dress for the first time from Roisins blog and then again on Fionas blog. I mean, they look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I had to make one for myself. I just had the time to make a muslin, but it turned out great so I wore it yesterday. The darts didn’t match up completely and I made an easy split in the back as well, but some alterations has to be made before I make another one, because this is not my last.
A bit of my lining is showing on top there but was just showing you my split in the back.
Annalotte Dress
I know my face expression is bad, but it was because the wind blew in my face right as the picture was taken, explaining the hair.
I love this dress the perfect little black dress, LBD, with my pink pumps. I’m a pretty guuuurl!

Sophie Bach Meuche

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