Happy Lunar Year 2016!

  • Pattern: Paxson jumper from Seamwork Mag, and Bruyere shirt from Deer and Doe.
  • Fabric: Marine blue knit and dark purple bi-stretch.
The Vietnamese new year this year was on February 8th. So I for once wanted to be a good daughter and give my parents something nice for the holiday so I started sewing this. It was my first time sewing both of these patterns and luckily it fitted them both!
First of is my dad’s Paxon jumper. It was a fantatic pattern to work with! I mean, the seamwork Mag comes with patterns that take you maximum of 3 hours to make any of their garments, and this was no exeption. Cutting out and sewing everything together was a breeze! I didn’t read the instructions closely enough when I can see now that when sewing on the elbow patches that I should have used a longer stitch. What’s done is done!


My dad did like the jumper very much. Here he wears it with a shirt underneath making it more then a casual wear! Doesn’t he look dashing?

The bruyere shirt was waaay to more tricky then the jumper, but it’s a shirt so it’s suppose to be more tricky I guess. The instructions on the pattern was well put, so I didn’t have any errors on that part at all. I love the deer and doe patterns! The shirt with the waistband makes the total silhouette the shirt so much more feminine!

When I was making this for my mom, I REALLY wanted to keep it for myself, but you know she’s the best mom in the world and she deserves the best of things.

Don’t they look happy? I want to be like them when I grow up, still holding each other after all the kids have left and their growing old together. Best parents in the world.
And happy new year to all the Asian that’s celebrating the lunar new year!

Sophie Bach Meuche

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