The summer of 2014

I haven’t been blogging a lot this summer because it has been crazy with how little time I have to sit on the computer without a guilty conscience because of the fabulous summer weather we’ve been having. Either there’s travels, work, beach or sewing.

Very little sewing, but the again i bought my very first serger! A Janome MyLock 644D. In love.

It is sew (hehe) beautiful. I tried sewing a Nettie Dress from Closet Case Files, man the serger goes fast! Didn’t have enough control and there was a lot of holes in at the neck binding, opsy. But I hope I get the hang off it soo, because the seams are great once you finish!

Been two times to Poland this summer, weirdly enough without my SO, both times. First I went with my best friend on a three day shopping trip to Katowice. First time we went out of town on our own after all those years we’ve been friends. Fun fun! Love her so much.

Trine outside of a 400 store shopping mall approximately 200 meters from our hotel.

The second trip was was to Warsaw with my family. The idea came to me when mom and dad told us they wanted to travel, but was too lazy to do research on their own, so I saw researched for them. Initially I wanted to find a seven day trip to a city for them both, and us three kids would share on the cost for flight and hotel. But after a while we taught to our self, why weren’t we going? So there was a scheduling of who can when, who can take time of work and so on. But it landed on the weekend where both my sister and brother had their birthdays as well. So it was sort of a birthday gift for them as well. We bought our own tickets and hotel share, and divided the cost for mom and dad. Our cousin, and my sisters boyfriend came along as well which as very nice. We had a great time, and mom and dad was so surprised when we told them that we were leaving the next day when my sister got home. They though that we were going to have a nice birthday dinner at home, but nooo.

My little (not so little anymore) brother took the picture, from left to right:
Kornelius (my sisters boyfriend), Julie (my sister), me, ToTo (our cousin), mom and dad.

I’ve been a couple times to Oslo this summer as well, because my SO works there for the summer. He comes home on the weekends, but sometimes that’s not enough when you’re used to live together and then suddenly we’re living in separate homes in the same town.. So when he was at work I went shopping. I’ve been to Oslo many times before, but you have to take a tourist picture anyway.

A little crazy eyes, but I am crazy so it suites me, and the Norwegian Royal Palace.

At the end of summer before I was heading back north Trine, her boyfriend (which is also named Arne), Jo, Arne and me went on a mountain hiking trip to Hardangervidda. I have never done it before, but always liked the idea of strapping on some boots, a big ass backpack on, living in tents and living of nature. It was a four day trip and I would really like doing it again. I have never gotten so pure and fresh water or air before, as well as a bunch of mosquito bits. I mean on my ass? Really?! But can’t complain, others had mosquito bits on far more exotic places then mine.

Our first picture stop, Trine and me.


Our second home. Beautiful, right?


Trine, Arne and me went hiking on a mountain top, you could see little tents down there, and Arne and Jo fishing.
We had with us Snorre as well (the dog)


Last night camping, group picture!


Hiking back to the cabin, cosing by the waterfall

Other then that, there has been an hot summer, maybe to hot, at least for Norway. We are used to up 27 degrees as an OK summer temperature, not freaking 40! And when Norwegians complain about the weather being to hot, there’s something wrong..  And working in the home care services running around to help patients doesn’t help on the sweating. But I get to see all my friends back home. All in all, an fantastic summer. Next year we five girls in the “group” will take a longer trip together and not work as much as we use to. It’s going to be great!

Tomorrow I start on my five year masters on NTNU on Biotechnology, can’t wait! I’m excited and scared at the same time. But as long as I have my family and friends by my side, I think it’s going to be just fine, more than fine.

Sophie Bach Meuche

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