Lazy crazy

Today I’m writing from my  tablet because I am simply too lazy to unplug my computer from the TV in my room. But I just wanted you to know that I started on another Flora Dress from By Hand London! Thrilling! The only thing is that it’s a pain in the butt to work with the sewing machines here, and mom doesn’t have all the equipmemt that I need either.  I mean she doesn’t even have fabrics shears!

(Insert jaw drop here)

So I had to very carefully cut the fabric very slowly and gently with universal shears until I got to borrow one from my best friend, Trine, whom im going to take the weekend of to travel to Katowice with this friday! That brings me to why I was sewing a new Flora. We wanted to go to some nice restaurants while we were there,  but I didn’t bring home any nice-nice clothes, just ordinary,  so now im trying to whip something up before we go. Here was the slow process

Yes, very messy and no control.. An unknown environment. But I am trying do to the conditions,  but I really miss my sewing machine, my shears and my not-so-small-after-being-home-tabel.
So that’s why I’m lazy, what should’ve taken a day or two takes up to a week now, and the heat. Oh my God the heat is sooo uncomfortable when I’m sitting inside all sweaty. You know the feeling when your ass is sticking to the leather office chair?  Yeah… That one…


Sophie Bach Meuche

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