Sewing machine disaster!

The last few days I wanted to make a shirt done before I went home for the summer. And I did it! I finished the shirt on Tuesday night before we went home yesterday (Wednesday). But that was not without complications..

The Negroni Shirt from Colettie Patterns, and piece of my Flora Dress from By Hand London.

Monday I had assembled the Negroni printed pattern, marked the size I wanted, traced the pattern to tracing paper and cut out all the pieces for the shirt and transferred all the notches, everything. When I wanted to start sewing I changed the needle when the hole thing collapsed! The piece that holds the needle in place fell apart because the screw was broken in two pieces.. What a girl to do? I wanted to be finished with the shirt before coming home because I knew moms machine did not have the buttonhole function on her machine.

Tuesday morning I went down to the store I bought the machine in October last year (I know! I haven’t even had the machine for that long!). Of course they did not have my model in, (it was a cheap model, but still, worked wonderful for me as a first time machine) so I had to pay additional 180 kr for the new one. And I’m SO GLAD I did! It’s beautiful, have more functions, and a THOUSAND times more silent! It’s a shame I had to leave it behind for the summer..


So I started to sew, wonderful, just wonderful. The instructions was easy to follow and fitted my significant other (SO) perfectly! He wore it on our trip home to Sandefjord. Our plane got delayed by an hour but we order chicken wings, french fries and beer at the airport bar and everybody was happy.

SO helped me with my luggage when I got home, and my dad saw the shirt he was wearing and wanted one as well.. The disadvantage of sewing. People want you to sew things for them and thinking about the cost of the materials and not the actual hours or even days I put in a garment. It is flattering that people like what I sew, but also a hassard.. Well well.. Everything comes with a price, yeah?
When I got up to my I took selfies to show you my flora dress. Pretty yes? I went for the Tank bodice version and a high low skirt. I’m a pretty girl! Haha. (PS. Don’t mind the colorful bed sheets that take all focus from my pastel colored dress. I LOVE PASTEL COLORS!)

It rains here in Sandefjord today, heavily.. And I still have to write my home exam that’s do to Saturday. Wish me luck!

Sophie Bach Meuche

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