About Sophie

Hi there!

I’m Sophie the author of this blog. I’m living in Trondheim, Norway with my fiancé (who is referred to as hubby on the blog). We’re from the great summer city Sandefjord, but moved here to study and have been here ever since.


That was the backstory, now over to the hobbies. I started sewing for the first time March 12th 2014. Yes, I remember the date. I wrote it down making sure I didn’t forget it. Some weeks earlier I attended a party were one of my friends had started to sew and said it was easy, I was intrigued so I ordered the Elisalex dress from By Hand London.  While waiting for the pattern to arrive in the mail I did a little research. I figured I needed some tools like tracing paper, fabric (duh!) and pins. At the time,I had a really cheap sewing machine with lots of problems. Of course I didn’t know that until I started using it for real.

So when the pattern arrived I was ready, I had read through all the sewalong posts on the By Hand London blog and felt confident that I could do this, I could make myself a dress. I traced, cut and sewed, all in one day. I  found it really hard! Why hasn’t the pieces matching up so easily like they said on the sewalong. Loosing a bit of hope I went to bed and figured I could tackle the problem the following day. I started at the beginning. There it was clear as day. I had traced some pieces in a US size 8 and some pieces in a UK size 8. No wonder it didn’t match up. So I tried again, and it worked like a charm! So from that day the sewing community has saved me from my wardrobe. I haven’t purchased any clothes after that moment. I now have a closet full of handmade clothes and I love it. Most of my RTW clothes are shoved in the drawers. If you didn’t realised, the left side is my part of the closet.

On the blog you will mostly see garments I make for myself (yes, I’m the most seamstress there ever was it seems at times) and sometimes I’m generous and sew for the family members. I hope you enjoy my blog and also take a look at the Copyright and disclaimer page of mine.