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Hi there peeps! So I never got around to show you the results of the Flora dress I made, here it is I wasn’t a 100 percent sure about the combination, and didn’t feel like it was something I was going to wear more   than once anyway. So I gave it away to a friend that appreciated it as a late birthday gift. She is taller so the skirt was the right length for here as well. But I […]

The Flora Results

The last few days I wanted to make a shirt done before I went home for the summer. And I did it! I finished the shirt on Tuesday night before we went home yesterday (Wednesday). But that was not without complications.. The Negroni Shirt from Colettie Patterns, and piece of my Flora Dress from By Hand London. Monday I had assembled the Negroni printed pattern, marked the size I wanted, traced the pattern to tracing paper and cut out all […]

Sewing machine disaster!

Yesterday, I received the two last patterns that I have not possessed yet from the By Hand London girls. The two remaining was The Victoria Blazer and the Charlotte Skirt, and I’m so exited! I cannot wait to burn my wallet on fabric that I can’t afford! Last week I purchased the Nettie Dress & Bodysuite from Closet Case Files as well! I have watched this pattern for a long time, but have not gotten the courage to try something other then […]

New Sewing Patterns!

Så.. I det siste har jeg begynt å sy. Grunnen til dette er at jeg sliter med å finne bukser som passer. Enten så passer det rundt rumpa og ikke i låra eller så passer de rundt låra og jeg får ikke knept på meg buksa, og uansett så passer de aldri i lengden. Aldri. Har også funnet ut at jeg har ganske lang overkropp i forhold til den normale størrelsen som kan kjøpes i butikkene. Så hva skal ei […]

Begynt å sy